The heat is on!

The mobile learning 2014 group had their second meeting last week and this is the first chance I’ve had to update the blog about it. It was a very interesting meeting where a huge amount of information was exchanged both technical and otherwise. It was great to get an update too on how everyone’s projects were shaping up. Some of the group were starting to use mobile learning technologies such as Socrative for both formative and summative continuous assessment this week so get reading their blogs over the next few weeks and see how they are getting on – you might be inspired!

Ethics Approval? If the group want to carry out some research surrounding their project and think they might want to publish their findings, they will have to apply for ethics approval from DIT’s Research Ethics Committee. It would be absolutely brilliant to see some publications from their work.

Write a book chapter even? On a related note, a Handbook of Mobile Teaching and Learning, to be published with Springer, is in the pipeline and the last call for chapter proposals has gone out. I spotted it advertised in the Technology in Education group on LinkedIn. If you’d like more information contact Aimee ( . The final chapters are due for submission at the end of the year but interest, and your chapter title, needs to be registered now.


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