Workshops and Showcases

Haven’t had a chance to blog all month! I really shouldn’t be chasing after the project group to blog when I’m not posting anything myself šŸ™‚

All the projects are coming long nicely so it’s time now to think about some upskilling opportunities for the group – something for ourselves as it were. So we’ve decided to dabble a little in app building andĀ develop some basic skills in the area. We’ve been very fortunate in that a fellow DIT lecturer has expertise in this area so he’s facilitating a workshop for us in December. I’ll blog any tips and hints I pick up at that.

And we’ve been asked to present about the projects at the annual DIT Learning and Teaching Showcase that’s due to be held in January 2015. There was huge interested in that session at last year’s Showcase, so the pressure is on! With so many projects to talk about this year, however, everyone won’t have time to speak so we’ve decided to create and show aĀ video montage about the projects instead. After showing that we can field some more specific questions in relation to them, as well as directing Showcase participants to the group’s blogs. Once I’ve that video created I’ll share it here.

And finally, well done to Sara Boyd, Aidan Meade and Colin Freeman who presented their mobile learning projects earlier in the month to their colleagues in the College of Science and Health – there was a lot of interest from the attendees in what they are doing, some of whom were inspired enough to go on themselves sinceĀ to use tools such as Socrative.

Reading for the week: Wondering how you could use mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience? Then read this Good Practice Guide (UCISA)Ā detailing 6 mobile learning case studies.

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