The 12 Apps of Christmas

We have moved well beyond the point where we use our mobile devices to access information only, instead we are using them increasingly to create content whether we realise it or not. The connected world we now live in provides learners of all ages with the opportunity to learn all the time, wherever and whenever they want, facilitating authentic learning opportunities.

Tablets and smartphones are becoming standard learning tools in many classrooms, lecturer theatres and labs and adopting mobile devices in this environment is becoming a must.

Here at DIT we’re running a free and open short (12 day) mobile learning CPD initiative here soon . If you think some of your colleagues might be interested in registering please feel free to advertise it amongst them, and beyond, if you’d like. The more the merrier!

It’s called ‘The 12 Apps of Christmas’ and it runs for 12 consecutive weekdays starting on Monday Dec 1st. I’ve set up a wordpress site at and it will run from there. It’s aimed at lecturers and each morning a password protected page will be released on the site and that page will focus on a new app for each of the 12 days. A short description of the app will be given, and suggestions as to how it could be integrated into their learning, teaching, research and assessment practices will be provided. And an optional task will be available also so that if the app is of interest to them they can undertake the task and that’ll get them started using it. Where appropriate additional resources will be available too. The whole thing should only take them 10 mins a day.

So, 12 apps, 12 consecutive weekdays, 12 great ideas and 10 mins a day!

Anyone interested can learn more about it on the website and can register there too at

Any conversations that the apps might generate can be followed at #12appsDIT.

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