Final Comments

The Mobile Learning Project @ DIT 2014 has now come to an end formally. Yesterday the group presented their work at the annual DIT Showcase of Teaching and Learning Innovations and it was an interactive, lively, interesting session and the initial feedback from the attendees has been great.

collage of showcase photos

Kathy Young and Dan King kicked off the session focusing on ‘student engagement’ and discussing the effect their mLearning projects had on that. Ann Hopper, Colin Freeman and Aidan Meade followed this with demonstrations of and Socrative as well as how to wirelessly connect an iPad to the projector and the advantages this can have for boosting interactivity and engagement in the classroom. And finally, Sara Boyd and Trevor Boland looked at more discipline specific apps. Sara demonstrated ‘noise’ apps and explained how she has been using them with students and then Trevor talked about the app he built to support the students he works with via the disability services.

All that remains to be said now then is a big thank you to Ann, Trevor, Colin, Sara, Aidan, Dan and Kathy who took part in the mobile learning project this year – they were a pleasure to work with and I’d like to wish them every success in their future projects.

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